SRS Gay Lesbian or Bisexual Employees and Allies Association


Chris Bannochie
Dr. Chris Bannochie is employed as a Fellow Scientist in SRNL and began work at SRS in 1991, serving three of those years as a Visiting Scientist at LLNL in California. His areas of expertise include process development chemistry, inorganic coordination chemistry and metal ion solution chemistry. During his tenure at LLNL, Dr. Bannochie was a member of the LLNL LGBT employee group. He served as the first SRS GLOBE President in 2002/2003 and has served as SRS GLOBE Treasurer from 2007 - 2009. He received the 2005 American Chemical Society (ACS) Regional Award for Promoting Diversity in the Chemical Sciences and the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals’ (NOGLSTP) 2007 Walt Westman Award for Outstanding Service to the Society. Dr. Bannochie currently serves as a member of the Boards of Directors for NOGLSTP and Augusta Pride, Inc. He serves on the ACS Advisory Board on Diversity and Inclusion and is Vice Chair of the SRNS Diversity and Inclusion Board. He and his husband have been together for 15 years and live in Augusta.
Jake Venzie
Dr. Jake Venzie joined SRNL in 2006 and works in the Analytical Development Directorate. He specializes in atomic spectroscopy research, development and applications. He is also a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Society of Mass Spectrometry and the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals.
Ricardo Torres
Dr. Ricardo Torres is a senior engineer at SRNL at the Materials Science & Technology organization. His areas of research include laser ablation/spectroscopy, sensor development and fission product sequestration. Dr. Torres has been active in GLOBE since 2010, and is also a member of AVS Science and Technology and the American Chemical Society.
Jeff Krohn
Jeff Krohn joined SRS in 1998 and is currently a manager in SRNS Information Services. As the manager of Computing Infrastructure, he is responsible for SRS Data Centers, Systems Engineering and Database Services, Helpdesk Services, Desktop & Email Services, and Cyber Security Implementation. Jeff has served in a variety of SRS GLOBE officer positions since its inception. He and his partner are Human Rights Campaign Federal Club Members and Capital Campaign Contributors and organize the Aiken Community Parkway Litter Clean up Project.