Globe Annual Report FY 2006


It’s been a very busy and exciting year of change for SRS GLOBE.  The following accomplishments are major milestones in our development as an organization.  The most pressing objective at this point in time, as it has been since our formation is to increase membership.  It has been mentioned to several of  the officers, that there must be broader support for change before the management of SRS will recognize that the GLBT issue affect more than a couple of people.


  • March 06: Initiated monthly meetings with WSRC Diversity Director to promote awareness and continue to work on issues.
  • April 06: Chris Bannochie and Jeff Krohn joined the DOE Multicultural Diversity Committee (MDC). 
  • June 06: We worked with the MDC to conduct the first ever Gay Pride Event at SRS.  This included showing a very positive AFFA video "We are your Neighbors".
  • July 06: Chris and Jeff attended and presented to the WSRC Diversity Board of Directors.  This session was intended to generate discussion, raise awareness and educate. 
  • September 06:  Worked with the MDC on the Multicultural Heritage Day Event where we had a Gay Rights Booth and recognition by Jeff Allison during his comments at the event.  The booth reflected literature and information on Gay Relationship recognition across the globe, Gays in the Military across the Globe, Fortune 500 company trends on domestic partner benefit offerings and much more. 
  • September 06: Provided WSRC Diversity Director specific follow up requests and details on the next actions identified at the July 06 WSRC DBOD presentation.  


Jeff Krohn, 2006 President SRS GLOBE